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PR Proven To Generate More Business

An award winning company that has invested in developing unique technology and is supported by highly-trained engineers – but whose potential customers are totally unaware of what you can offer – is like buying a Picasso and then keeping it under your bed in a shoebox.

Lost potential accounts for the 80% of business owners who are so busy that they overlook the fact that their highly innovative products and services are the best kept secret in their industry.  Sometimes marketing budgets are invested in a pretty website or a glossy brochure that look stunning… but nothing seems to change.  Incoming enquiries remain flat and visitor traffic to your website remains static.  You may quite rightly wonder what on earth your marketing people are doing to justify getting paid.

What’s really frustrating is that you may have spent all your budget, yet your competitors seem to be signing more contracts than you are.  The more business they sign, the less business there is for you to pursue.  Fixed-term contracts can effectively lock you out for several years at a time, if you are not invited to tender.


GSPR Aims to increase Clients Targeted Sales Leads By 20% Within The first Four Months of Working with Us

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Taking A Genuine Interest In Your Success

Perhaps you have tried PR before and been disappointed by the lack of results.  Perhaps the idea of having to write customer case studies, websites, fact sheets, press releases, blogs and other sales collateral is just too much to contemplate when you have so many other priorities demanding your attention.

You recognize that things need to change.  You need to make more of an impact in your market – you’d welcome a cost-effective way to reach your prospects and keep existing customers up to date with your new products and services.  You want to raise your profile and get your message in front of your prospects – and can see competitors achieving good results themselves.   You start to think a specialist agency that takes a genuine interest in your business, makes time to understand your industry, writes technical content and provides a complete range of PR and digital marketing services would be useful.  You recognise you need a company that just gets on with the job, works hard to identify every opportunity for you and helps you to reach your customers regularly.  No more wasted potential.


If you want to learn how GSPR can help your business grow, why not check out what our customers say about us and how top industry journalists rate us and read below about how we’ve helped many £million companies grow their businesses.

If you’d like to have a chat to find out more, why not call or email GSPR today?  We’ll be happy to carry out some straw poll research, at no cost to you, about how your business presents itself to customers online, how well it is perceived, and the quality of your interaction.  We can compile a report for initial discussion before you even spend any time meeting us.

Our Services

GSPR is the only PR and digital agency to specialise in the environment, waste management, water manager and renewable energy sectors and on getting you closer to prospects and customers to develop your business.  We provide all the PR and marketing services you will need to generate more enquiries and sales leads to support your sales team. 

We invest time in really understanding your business the industry issues you solve, as well as your corporate objectives.  Each of our PR and marketing campaigns is fully integrated for greater impact.  We help you to segment and target your prospects via appropriate channels.  Our PR services do not stop at press releases:  we can revamp your website, raise your profile, position your business and get you regularly in front of your customers to improve your customer engagement.

We aim to increase clients’ sales enquiries by around 20% within the first four months of working with us.  Our media relationships are built on trust and personal contact which has been nurtured in a professional manner over many years.  When leading water, environmental and waste management publications need news reports or in-depth articles they come straight to GSPR.