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Engaging With Prospects And Customers

Think social media has no place in B2B marketing?  Think again.  It is now THE number one marketing tool for companies across the world in the energy, waste, water management and environmental sectors, from SMEs to multinationals. 

Social media enables business messages to be communicated widely, instantly and interactively.  Social media is highly effective in supporting fully-integrated PR and marketing campaigns which engage with business prospects and existing customers across the world.


GSPR – “Spreading Your News Through Social Media”

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In Control or Completely In The Dark?

Forward-thinking companies are embracing LinkedIn and Twitter etc, whereas others stick their heads in the sand and hope it is a passing fad.  Social media is an evolving technology and you have the option of taking control of your online reputation. Alternatively you can leave it to chance, not the same as being in the same room as all of your customers, influencers and competitors. 

Some companies struggle to justify the time and cost of managing social media platforms like LinkedIn.  They are unaware of how to attract their target market online.  All too often social media becomes a ‘set and forget’ marketing channel – which is the same as locking all your best marketing material in a darkened room and then throwing away the key!


Is Your Business Influential In Your Industry?

If your company has little or no presence on social media, then you have no idea of what people are saying online about your business.  You have no influence on how your company is perceived, less chance of influencing your industry, and less chance of getting noticed.


You Don’t Have To Be Everywhere – All The Time!

The secret to social media success is in choosing the right channels that are used by your prospects and customers, and ignoring the channels that have no value to your business.  The secret is in knowing which ones to use and how to use them.

If you need to target a small audience of decision makers and they are all on a particular social media channel, you can start a dialogue, provide value and get closer to their issues through making the right connections.

At GSPR we are already seeing our energy, waste, water management and environmental clients getting sales enquiries from articles we have placed on social media on their behalf. 


Developing Communication on The Right Channels

We develop social media accounts for our clients, ensuring that the right brand and searchable content is in the right place.  We apply experience and expertise in delivering campaigns through a range of integrated channels to increase engagement and to drive traffic to your website.

Combining your company news, press coverage, case studies and relevant topics, we deliver your topical messages and value-driven propositions across a selected range of social media.  If you exhibit at trade shows, we keep the conversation going with visitors and ensure you appear on their horizon before, during, and after the show to give you maximum exposure.

“This was our best ever show – we had 30% more visitors on the stand than any previous show and 25% of visitors requested to bid straight after the show because they’ve seen Futura in the press, responded to our social media activity – due to GSPR’s marketing efforts.”
Tina Royall - Marketing Director, Futura