– And, How To Optimise Your News Coverage and get published in online magazines

The PR tips in this post will help you get to grips with how an agency creates news coverage. When customers are considering doing business with your company I guarantee the first thing they do is search for you on the internet.  And if they’re savvy they won’t just look at your website, they will look to see what the media says about you.  You probably do this yourself when looking for new suppliers and solutions.

Imagine all this is done without your knowledge and way before customers ever get in touch with you. If a potential customer feels you’re credible and respected, then they are more likely to believe everything you claim on your website.

  • So what will companies who want to do business with you find?
  • Will they see you positioned as the “go to” company in your market?
  • Will they see your news or only that of your largest competitors?

It can be frustrating to see your competition in the news all the time when you know that you’re offering is just as good – and in many ways, it’s better.

Many companies believe that by putting company news about the Christmas party, Investors in People awards or technical stories full of jargon they are PUBLISHING their news and doing PR.

  • How many of these stories actually get seen by anyone?
  • Do your customers ever call you about your news and ask to try your new solution because they’ve read about it?
  • Do your phones ring after you’ve put the news up on your website?


Let’s clarify something, the news is only “good news” when people want to read it and it has value to them. We live in a busy world where buyers are inundated with news, emails and social media. So they cherry pick the items they want to read, investigate and absorb.

As a business the most important things you can publish are:

  • Interesting to your target market/audience
  • Showcasing the innovations in technology that you deliver
  • Showing you as market leaders with solutions to their problems
  • Showing success in delivering new solutions to satisfied clients

How can you get your company in the news?

Don’t just put your news on your website, send it to the editors of the 10 most influential magazines in your market. And don’t just send a story once every 6 months. Keep sending stories and then call the editors to make sure they’ve got the stories and to see if they want any more information.

If you don’t have regular contract win stories you use customer case studies, viewpoint articles, commentary statements on topical issues or give interviews to ensure your voice is heard in relevant features. You’ll know what’s happening and what your customers would find interesting.

Today’s magazines normally have an online edition and some carry hyperlinks back to a company’s websites.  Having your news appear in edie.net or Resource.co not only positions you as a key player in your market but adds credibility and validation – important in today’s mistrustful world.

For a small cost, you can ensure your news goes into the editor’s newsletter which is sent to their readership – another great way to get the phone to ring.

Recycling Your News Coverage

Once you’ve got a story published in a key newspaper or magazine it’s worth its weight in gold – so how can you use it to make sure your prospects, customers and staff can read about you in the news? There are lots of ways better than putting clippings in a book at reception.

  • add your news on your Linked In page and social media channels (and get your staff to add it to their Linked In pages too)
  • upload your news releases to your website (with a great photo or diagram)
  • add your news coverage to your News section with headlines and hyperlinks to the online versions
  • copy the news clippings and add to sales presentations
  • add links to viewpoint articles and use them in your email marketing campaigns
  • yes do create 2 books of physical clippings – one for reception and one for

Create a content calendar

Work with your PR agency to plan media coverage opportunities:

  • Showing where you will you be exhibiting
  • Speaking opportunities at conferences/exhibitions
  • Timely announcements for new products/services
  • What corporate developments will you have such as new appointments, entering new markets, investing in new premises etc?
  • What magazine features should you be contributing to next?

By coming up with a steady stream of case studies, news stories and features to be published, you can keep in front of your customers. It will also make your website fresh and give visitors a reason for returning.

Next week I’ll be looking at Step 2 – email marketing

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