Project Description


Media campaigns across national daily newspapers, radio and TV generates over 20 sales enquiries – shortlisted for Business Green’s Clean tech marketing campaign of 2016

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Clearfleau Ltd, a British bio energy tech company, had developed clever technology for dairies to turn their production residues into green energy – for the gas grid and the factory – and wanted to raise awareness of the benefits Lake District Biogas reaped. They wanted to generate new sales leads following this contract especially as Feed In Tariffs changed and Government support to sustainability and renewable energy fluctuated.


Before GSPR’s intervention, most communications/adverts from Clearfleau focused on its technology. During the campaign news highlighted the customer benefits, quantified the impact Clearfleau technology delivered in terms of biogas generated and numbers of homes in Cumbria being heated, demonstrating expertise and experience in a more engaging way, using colourful images, charts, diagrams and well-presented case studies.

Both the contract win and commissioning announcements were tailored for different media and GSPR negotiated organised site visits, viewpoint articles, features, interviews to get the story across. Using our contacts, we made sure the news appeared everywhere – in all leading trade publications as well as the Daily Telegraph, BBC Radio’s “Steve Wright in the Afternoon”, the Financial Times, Daily Mail, on Russia TV, Newsweek and on BBC Radio Cumbria.

All campaigns were fully integrated, containing multiple links to the Clearfleau website. GSPR added value by repurposing media releases, case studies and other articles into:

• Blogs and email campaigns for contacts and customers

• Case studies for the website

• A white paper for FDs showing cost savings, return on investment, etc using the story as an example.

By following up with our contacts, we negotiated an additional 10 more articles to continue the flow of coverage in the trade media to keep the story alive.

Carefully targeted blogs, email blasts to customers and social media interaction optimized the buzz and ensured all Clearfleau’s prospects saw the success.



  • Following an interview with Dairy Reporter, this directly resulted in getting an enquiry the next day from another major UK dairy company
  • sales enquiries from over 20 leading UK dairy companies
  • three feasibility studies in the British dairy sector in progress
  • TV, radio and press site visits with 53 media appearances (online/radio and print)
  • 9 key journals published case studies and feature articles
  • 40 tweets increased the number of new Twitter followers by 35%
  • Website impressions reached 10,300 (up 1,401%)
  • 490 profile visits (up 1,589%)
  • 39 mentions (up 3,800%)
  • LinkedIn marketing across the main page and on 4 showcase pages generated 85,465 impressions from 79 posts, 51 likes, 110 clicks and 7 comments
  • Improved Google rankings


“Due to our digital footprint and greater profile, we have significantly raised our profile in the UK and other EU markets.  The commercial success of LDB has been a major factor in securing two more comparable sized £multi-million gas to grid plants that are currently under development. Our business partners, investors and potential clients are also impressed with the level of media coverage.”

Richard Gueterbock - Marketing Director, Clearfleau Limited