Project Description


Clever media campaigns on problem solving technology combined with radio coverage generates more direct sales enquiries

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Clearfleau, a British clean tech company, had developed clever technology to help food producers turn their production residues into green energy. Although Clearfleau was working with blue chip food companies, as the recession bit, they were finding it harder to convince food companies to invest in their solution, despite offering financing and a return on investment of under 4 years. Despite their unique technology and successful operations Clearfleau were therefore relatively unknown even after some ad-hoc advertising.


Looking at who Clearfleau needed to convince, we worked out which media would be read by their target their prospects. Whenever Clearfleau had news, we simplified their messages, tailored stories to appeal to different media sectors and made sure articles and stories focused on the benefits the solutions offered rather than the technology. This led to regular stories and features appearing in the energy, food, waste management and water publications.

Using our contacts, we made sure each new announcement – Nestlé, Diageo and Lake District Biogas was distributed as widely as possible and appeared everywhere – in all leading trade publications as well as Radio 4’s “Farming Today,” the Daily Telegraph, Steve Wright in the Afternoon, the Financial Times, Daily Mail, BBC Cumbria, Newsweek and Russia TV.

By following up with our contacts, we negotiated an additional 10 more articles to continue the flow of coverage in the trade media to keep the story alive.

Blogs, email blasts to customers and social media interaction optimizes the buzz and ensures all Clearfleau’s prospects can see the success of the customer solution and this integrated approach is directly leading to getting the phone to ring, helping Clearfleau to get closer to its customers and resulted in more business enquiries, website hits and visitors to trade shows.



  • Saturation media coverage in prospect’s media averaging 40 news hits with each new contract win storY
  • Viewpoint articles and opinion pieces appearing in over 30 different publications
  • Inclusion in Business Green, Bioenergy Insight, and Food Processing newsletters
  • Improved Google rankingsUplift in customer enquiries and visitors to their website
  • More speaking opportunities at leading industry conferences


“In just 3 months GSPR Environmental generated over 40 pieces of press coverage. They secured an interview with Dairy Reporter for me, which directly resulted in our getting an enquiry the next day from another major UK dairy company wanting to find out how we can solve their issues with production residues. We’ve now won an award, been invited to comment on Radio 4’s Farming today and impressed our stakeholders with our improved web presence. Our business partners, investors and potential clients are also impressed with the level of media coverage.”
Richard Gueterbock, Clearfleau Limited