Step 3 – Clever email marketing campaigns improve customer enquiries

It’s a fact – your prospects will forget you, your company, your great products and your innovative service if you don’t keep in touch.

Today getting and keeping customers is the #1 reason some firms grow while others lose out.

Research shows that regularly staying in touch with your customers, giving advice, sharing success stories, explaining how to solve common issues and keeping your customers informed of what you are doing builds engagement and helps keep you top of mind.

Relying on the occasional advert, news story, exhibition or quarterly phone call alone just isn’t enough. How many people do you remember that you spoke to 6 months ago and haven’t heard of since?

Clever campaigns, sharing valuable information, often appearing in your customers inboxes are one of the most cost effective and efficient ways of nurturing your prospects and keeping your customers thinking of you.

Step 3 – fortnightly communications will get your customers contacting you!

Before the RWM Show in September we sent three emails to our customer’s prospects inviting them to come and visit the stand. We also followed up with the 54 new contacts they made at the show to keep them “warm”. The result? Our client had more people on the stand than ever before because he had personally invited them. He received apologies from those who couldn’t attend and got back into the conversation with them and last week was called after his customer had received an email and seen his blog and article in the press. Most impressively of all, following the show he’s now bidding on projects worth over £5 million and feels the 300% increase in enquires is directly due to our PR and email marketing work.

It’s a basic step that adds huge value to all the marketing you do, and done well could revolutionise your customer enquiries.

So Is Email marketing for you? Be Brutal – Ask yourself these questions.

Do your customers really know:

    • About your latest company news?

    • About your last huge contract win?

    • Your views on industry issues?

    • Your latest product innovations?

    • The next exhibition you’ll be at?

    • What you are exhibiting?

    • Your latest offer?

If not – they could!

And if you want to:

    • Get back in touch with old customers

    • Tell your prospects about customer success stories

    • Drive customers to your latest blog

    • Invite customers to visit your stand at your next exhibition 

    • Share your thoughts on Government legislation or the latest industry issue

    • Point customers to customer stories in the media

    • Drive customers to your website to sign up for a white paper or a blog

Then try using email – it’s fast, it’s cheap and it’s reliable!

To get some ideas on what your customers might like to hear from you and to see what’s involved don’t be scared to pick up the phone and pick our brains! Call today on 01635 569992!

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Look out for Step 4 to Getting your Business in front of more customers next week.


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