Step 2 an ‘up-to-date’ website

It’s a fact – current, solutions-based websites that really talk to your prospects will attract and keep more potential customers

A great website is one that talks to people, quickly shows them how to solve their issues and showcases who else is benefitting from working with you. Your business website needs to point out why they need your products and service and is vital to business growth.

Your website is your shop window and can say a lot about you – how current your news is, how many success stories you have, the quality of the testimonials and how much information you give away. I’m not talking about fancy design or expensive graphics, just a site that attracts the right kind of visitor, keeps them there and grabs their contact details!

Step 2 – taking your customers on a journey through your website will generate more enquiries

All businesses nowadays have a website, but how many of them are glorified online catalogues or brochures talking about what a company does rather than how it can solve your issues? How many of them have no recent news, no customer stories and no links to media coverage?

A great website, I believe, is more a solutions based showcase of your products and services with plenty of stories about how your customers solved key issues using your technology. It should position you as an authority in your industry, explain your unique selling points and make a compelling case for contacting you.

Ask yourself these question. Does your website:

    • Build your credibility and authority by featuring customer testimonials?

    • Link to the media coverage you’ve generated to increase your Google ranking?

    • Generate interest and enquiries?

    • Expand to suit mobile phones and tablets now that half of people access the web from their phones?

    • Get you found by Google?

    • Have simple navigation and design to keep visitors on the page and moving through the site?

    • Feature all your latest news and success stories to give an insight into the company?

    • Have an integrated blog with your opinions to be part of your email marketing?

    • Capture enquiries for digital marketing

If you want to:

    • Attract more visitors to your website

    • improve your Google rankings to get found

    • appeal to many different sorts of buyers in different markets

    • Showcase several different products and services

    • Build your database and get more sales enquiries 

Meanwhile you can also check its position in the Google Rankings Have a good hard look at your website – if you want us to check it out, call today on 01635 569992!

Website facts you already know:

Creating content to keep your website current and fresh is one of the greatest challenges companies face. However, your PR team can help:

    • Making news stories from press releases

    • Creating blogs linked to viewpoint articles

    • Uploading press coverage to your site with links to magazines

    • Creating downloadable case studies on your success stories

    • Turning technical and advisory articles into downloadable white papers

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