Step 4 –Improve customer engagement and ensure your coverage gets seen by more prospects

It’s a fact – out of sight is out of mind – you risk your prospects and customers forgetting you if you don’t stay in touch.

The reason all companies invest in PR and marketing is to generate awareness in their customers’ minds. So those who keep communicating, regularly, are likely to be more successful than those that turn the tap on and off and then lose heart.

I hear you say that you know it’s important to stay in touch but there aren’t always enough hours in the day and enough people in the team to call old customers, existing customers and prospects every week. So, if you had another way to share:

• customer success stories

• latest photos of your project

• how to solve common issues

• advice

• your latest news

Communicate directly with each and every prospect and customer wouldn’t that be helpful?

To add value to our PR and digital marketing campaigns we encourage all our clients to ensure their coverage gets seen and shared all over the internet, not just on their website or the magazine’s website – but posted and shared far and wide.

As everyone in business has a computer in their pocket and time to spend checking social media and emails, this is a very cost effective way of spreading your news!

Maximising your investment in PR by posting coverage of your news stories, your customer success stories and your viewpoint articles makes sure your contacts don’t miss your news.

We recommend:

• Connecting on Linked In and Twitter to all your prospects so they connect with you

Posting your viewpoint articles and news coverage so your Linked In Contacts and followers see your news   

• Building smart profiles and showcase pages to build engagement and keep your contacts up to date

• Posting for you on the right Linked In Groups to keep you top of mind

• Regular engagement to build credibility – validating your position in the market

If you’re going to an exhibition, speaking at a conference or building a project – daily or weekly progress in the run up, linked to blogs or news on your website is a quick and easy way to stay in touch – and although something you could do, maybe not something you always DO complete as regularly as you could!

It’s a basic step that adds huge value to all the marketing you do, and done well could revolutionise your customer enquiries.

So Is Social media for you? Be Brutal – Ask yourself these questions.

Would you like your customers to:

• see how you solved a key problem?

• know your views on industry issues?

• hear about your last huge contract win?

• meet you at your next exhibition

• follow the progress of your current project?

Then using social media is for you!

And if you want to:

• Get back in touch with old customers

• Tell your prospects about customer success stories

• Drive customers to your latest blog

• Invite customers to visit your stand at your next exhibition

• Share your thoughts on Government legislation or the latest industry issue

• Point customers to customer stories in the media

• Drive customers to your website to sign up for a white paper or a blog

Then social media (especially used cleverly in tandem with email and blogs) is hard to beat – it’s fast, it’s cheap and it’s reliable!

To see whether Linked In, Twitter or Instagram are for you and to get some ideas on what your customers might like to hear and to learn what’s involved, don’t be scared to pick up the phone and pick our brains! Call today on 01635 569992!

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Look out for Step 5 to Getting your Business in front of more customers next week.


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