You want to stay in touch with your customers and have useful material to give them that shows how great your solution is and how your customers have benefited. But what’s the best way to get this across? 

I would say a customer story, a glowing endorsement from one of your best clients that your key press will want to publish. 

It won’t be heavy with your product description, formulaic and of no interest to any self respecting journalist – it will read so well and be of such interest to the industry that you will not be expected to pay for any advertorial! 

So, how to get the perfect case study?

1)  Talk to your customer and see which magazines they would like the story to appear in

2)   Find out what messages your customer wants to include

3)   Prepare positive “sound bites” your customer will want to say about what you did “above and beyond” 

4)   Make the process as easy as you can for your customer 

5)   Approach your key press and discuss with them the angle they want to take

6)   Include why your solution solves a topical industry issue 

7)   Provide a range of high quality photographs that include “action” with people doing interesting things

Bingo the perfect case! 

Next use this valuable endorsement:

  • Post links to the published articles in social media
  • Put an extract and a link of each published article on your website in a special section called “in the news”
  • Use the case study in your blogs
  • Reference the customer quotes in proposals and presentations
  • Feature a shortened version of the case study in your next newsletter
  • Send hard copies of the case study to prospects with a similar issue or problem that you solved

But don’t just waste a customer story by putting it up on your website without thinking and jeopardise your chances of getting your customers to sell your company in the media.

Once it has appeared on your website it’s no longer really news and so why should any editor feature it?