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Creating Valuable Content That Your Customers Will Read

If you have a website, one of the biggest mistakes most companies make is to create content once and think it has an evergreen audience. After all your business products and services evolve with technology and time, and so should your message. So building a static website, one that is not updated on a regular basis, will mean your customers and prospects will have no reason to visit it.

Not only does your website traffic then dry up, but you reduce the chances of your website being found on Google as you have nothing to say to your customers that will make them return.


“Consistently Creating Solution Driven Content, Developing Valuable Inbound Traffic To Your Business”

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Set And Forget Is Not An Option

If you have spent any time on the internet in the last decade you will have heard the phrase “Content is King” at some point. Whether it is news stories, case studies, white papers, web pages or blogs, today the type of content consumed has expanded into video, podcasts, e-presentations, fact sheets, infographics, e-books and the list of opportunities repurposing that content is endless.

Content marketing is the creation and distribution of any content relating to your product or service that delivers value and solutions to customer issues and problems. So creating and distributing high value content will drive the right type of customers to your website and business is the way to go.

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Static Websites Are Internet Graveyards

All the major search engines rely upon delivering fresh content that answers the customers’ search term. Google has a policy of only showing the best content that receives a positive reaction from users on its front page.


You Don’t Have To Be Everywhere – All The Time!

If you add consistent benefit-driven quality content, your customers and prospects will return to your website more often. Fact. The search engines will rank more of your web pages in search and regard you as an authority in your industry.

Posting fresh content such as photo caption stories, links to media stories, views and infographics also gives you the opportunity to contact customers and prospects to direct them to your business. Guess what? When they need to make purchase decisions your business is top of the mind and top of their contact list.


Information That Your Customers Want

We develop creative, informative, value driven content that is tied closely to your products and services. We position you and your company as authorities in your industry and differentiate your business from your competition.

Developing intuitive Calls To Action (CTA) deliver a reason for your prospects to follow through to a conclusion.

“I’ve found GSPR to be great at getting my sludge messages across to my water contacts, regularly getting over 30% open rates on my email communications, clearly articulating the benefits of our technology in blogs and in articles. They form an important part of our marketing mix.”