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Increase Credibility, Drive Sales Using Better Case Studies

At GSPR we see lots of case studies.  Only a very few, however, actually tell prospects what they really want to know:  will this product or service work FOR ME?  Some case studies paint too glossy a picture; some are all about products and services with barely any reference to the subject of the case study.  Some alienate people with unfamiliar jargon and many overload the reader with technical detail.  Often mistakes in spelling, grammar and punctuation are overlooked, which creates a poor impression. 

Another common mistake is in targeting the wrong industry sector – for example, a prospective customer in manufacturing may not find a case study about the retail sector to be particularly relevant.


“Prospects Are Attracted by Case Studies With Testimonials”

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Identifying The Problem

If your customer stories:

  • are out of date
  • too technical
  • too jargon heavy
  • fail to highlight the benefits you provide
  • lack customer quotes  about how your engineering team went ‘above and beyond’ what was expected of them
  • don’t talk about the industry issues you’ve solved
  • don’t show why your technology is the most cost-effective solution on the market

And nothing has appeared in the media about your company to bring you credibility then, Houston, you have a problem.


Case Studies Are Invaluable Sales Tools

Customers want to read and download relevant examples of your technology being implemented.   While you may not be doing this, you can be sure that your competitors are.  Could this mean you’re missing out on bids because you don’t have the up-to-date sales collateral your team needs? 

Case studies are invaluable sales tools when they specifically focus on the issues solved by each of your products in each industry sector and the benefits they bring.

Your sales team will find that well-written case studies are worth their weight in gold in getting your message across, positioning you as an expert in your field and demonstrating why your technology is superior to the competition.  Furthermore, when your case studies and success stories appear in leading industry journals, both in print and online, they can carry even more influence, reassurance and credibility. 

Good case studies make the job of your sales team easier, as purchasing decisions are made more quickly when there is a higher degree of trust, and any perceived risk in using your products and services is minimised.

Case studies worth it's weight in gold

GSPR’S Service

At GSPR, we draw upon our years of experience to make sure each case study resonates with your target audience, motivating them to take the next step and to contact you. 

For each market you’re in already, or wish to enter, a selection of case studies that resonates with your prospective buyers will persuade them that you have the knowledge, expertise and experience to solve their issues.   Sharing customer case studies that demonstrate a positive outcome in their particular industry sector is far more persuasive than anything that you or your sales team could ever say in gaining the trust of potential new customers. 

We design case studies to make compelling reading.  They are carefully crafted by our experts to be comprehensive, yet concise.  No waffle.  In writing on your behalf we can save you valuable management time by taking your raw data, distilling technical engineering language into crisp, compelling and positive messages to take your readers on a journey from problem to resolution.  We always stress all the benefits your technology and services bring, why your firm was chosen to solve issues, when and where the work was carried out and how professional your company was in managing the project. 

We are experienced in successfully liaising with customers on behalf of our clients to obtain corporate approvals.  Once these are granted we add great photos and artwork and make your case studies available in a downloadable format so they are easy to share. 

We place case studies in the press (in print and online) and we produce downloadable web-friendly case studies that are packed with keywords and phrases to appeal to Google and other search engines, making them easy for your potential customers to find, and raising your profile in the process.

For further credibility we can obtain useful customer quotes and testimonials which herald your unique selling points in customer case studies.  To add value, these quotes can be used in presentations and on your website as well.

To ensure you are provided with as cost-effective and efficient a service as possible, we aim to write content only once and then repurpose it many times to extract maximum value from your investment in our services.  GSPR has many long-standing clients and this enables us to develop an in-depth knowledge of their products and services and the benefits they bring to customers.

  • Good images

  • Customer endorsement

  • Issues solved

  • Environmental challenges

  • Your USP’s

  • Why your solution worked

  • Benefits


The way in which GSPR uses customer case studies has helped clients to benefit from more sales enquiries, more web visitors, more credibility and greater industry awareness.  We also reduce our customers’ marketing costs by repurposing content across their digital marketing and other sales channels. 

GSPR has helped clients to achieve phenomenal results – here are some examples:

  • Enquiries directly from PR
  • A case study of how First Milk is benefitting from Clearfleau anaerobic digestion that appeared in Dairy Reporter got another dairy company to ring up to talk about that solution
  • Business growth – when we placed case studies of how RWR was vastly reducing the amount of waste going to landfill after installing Advetec’s biothermic digester in the press, Advetec received several phone enquiries and requests to become distributors

After reading about Carbon Statement’s energy saving work for J D Weatherspoons, Imperial College picked up the phone…

Client Testimonial

“GSPR put Advetec and our bio-thermic digester on the map with lots of coverage and case studies – they’ve exceeded our expectations”
Craig Shaw - CEO, Advetec