– How to combine PR and digital marketing to build your brand and grow your business.

Do you remember the good old days when you could send a brochure in the post and follow up with a phone call and you got an appointment… that even led to a sale?

In today’s savvy environment people are constantly “sold to” and so become very discerning and quick to say NO if the approach is not completely tailored or relevant to them.

Technology is evolving and this brings a multitude of fantastic opportunities to build your brand and portfolio of clients.

You may be struggling to understand how all the pieces fit together to help you grow your business. Implementing new ways to market your business can be daunting and scary without the right help.

So how can you shape your marketing to help you get more enquiries and thus more sales leads? What creative strategies are your competitors using?

Marketing To Grow Your Business Successfully

We’ve developed a “How To Market Your Business Successfully Guide” for our customers to ensure that British innovation and excellence wins out and thought we’d share how we work supporting our clients to ensure that you too can benefit and get to the same levels of success.


Did you know that statistically the numbers 1,5, 17, 23, and 54 are significant for businesses in your sector?

At any one time, 54% of companies are struggling, 23% are shrinking, only 1% are smashing it, 5% are on the fast track and 17% have moderate growth? So what will you do differently to ensure you’re in the 23% of winners camp rather than the 77% of companies just getting by…

The Benefits To Your Business

If you would like your business to benefit immediately, all you need to do is look out for our emails coming over the next few weeks to learn more.

Meanwhile, you may want to ask yourself some hard questions:

  • After the time and money spent creating and polishing your shop window to the world (your website), what are you doing every month to drive visitors there?
  • When prospects, old or existing customers visit your website is there new fresh content to deliver value?
  • Is it easy for prospects to find the information they need and what to do next? or do they quickly leave!
  • Have you got an easy system in place to measure where you get enquires from and indeed how many you get?
  • How many people visit your website each month and which pages make them leave?
  • Do you even have a Google Analytics account and do you use it to make marketing decisions?
  • Do you have a system in place to consistently deliver value and build a relationship?

300% Increase In Enquiries

Richard-Gueterbock“GSPR managed to negotiate an interview for me with a key title Dairy Reporter, and the next day we were contacted by another major UK dairy company wanting to find out how we could solve their issues. During and after GSPR’s campaign around Lake District Biogas we received sales enquiries from over 20 leading UK dairy companies and smaller businesses. We have undertaken three feasibility studies in the British dairy sector following the publicity and believe the commercial success of Lake District Biogas has been a major factor in securing two more comparable sized multi-million-pound gas to grid plants. Richard Gueterbock, Marketing Director, Clearfleau Ltd.

Seven Ideas For Your Business Growth

Over the next 7 weeks, I’m going to share seven ideas for you to consider and adopt that our customers have used successfully to grow their businesses.

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  • “21 PR secrets that get you in the media”
  • “7 Proven Ways To Grow Your Business With PR And Digital Marketing”

Exceeded our targets

Matt-Drew-Saxlund-International“After working with Gaye and the team for over 3 years they’ve got our positioning perfect and 2016/17 has been a perfect storm for Saxlund as we’re now in the right place at the right time. We’ve won all the contracts we bid for, have 10 contracts under construction or waiting to commission – exceeding our targets and we’ve raised our company profile. I fundamentally believe our success has been helped by GSPR’s marketing support.”  Matt Drew, Managing Director, Saxlund International.