It’s a fact – PR gets you in front of more customers

25 years of successfully creating press coverage and getting businesses in the news has shown GSPR that the first step is to understand our clients and their customers’ issues.  As every organisation, no matter how large or small, ultimately depends on its reputation for survival and success.

Step 1 – Finding the secret sauce that gets your success stories to more customer

Most businesses are aware of their position in the market and how well their competitors are doing in attracting new business. The questions we come across will be of no surprise to you, as they are some of the key concerns of every business we meet.

• How can I build a great reputation for my company?
• How does PR get more sales enquiries and visitors to my website?
• Why do some companies always appear in the press and why others are just invisible?
• Why do some companies always appear high up in Google search?
• Why is it so difficult to explain why my products and services are worth investing in?
• Why should I choose PR at all when social media and direct mail and blogging is all the rage now?

You can create a constant flow of enquiries by allowing potential customers to find you on the internet, see how you are solving industry issues, read your views in key magazines, see how you are shown to be an authority in your industry. By appearing regularly in key industry titles you can dominate magazine’s search engines and get lots more listings on Google. By linking to magazine’s websites with your news stories on your website you can rapidly improve your Google rankings too. What’s more you can get this visibility without spending £££ on advertising!

What is PR?

Public Relations is the discipline which looks after your reputation, with the aim of earning understanding and support and influencing opinion and behaviour.

It is the planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between you and your publics ie your customers, your suppliers and your staff.


It’s no co-incidence that companies that appear all over the media and have high listings on Google actually understand what PR delivers. It’s not a question of huge budgets, it’s reacting smartly, being agile and being creative.

We think it’s alchemy really. A sort of magic that combines what’s happening in industry, the latest legislation and customer’s issues that can be combined into a story about how technology can help.

Perhaps the stories are about turning food waste into green energy. Or shaking up the water industry helping turn water companies into energy generators. Or maybe it’s how drought ridden UK is now turning sea water into drinking water.

Then smart operators turn their news and views into clever content for:

• the media
• newsletters
• customer communications
• articles on LinkedIn
• website stories
• blog posts
• email campaigns

PR facts that you already know:

• People are more likely to believe what they read in the press
• Success stories are one of the most powerful ways of improving your company’s credibility
• Published stories give your customers another reason to contact you
• All stories can be tweaked and re-used as content for your blog posts, Linked In Pulse articles, social media activity and email campaigns
• Media stories get shared and generate more traffic to your website
• The more activity you generate, the more your news will be shared on social media

PR will help you to get your message across, show how your solution benefits your customers, get you invited onto more tender lists and portray your company the way you want it to be seen.

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