Getting in front of more customers

To grow your business, get more visitors to your website and generate more enquiries you cannot hope that an occasional advert, news story, exhibition or quarterly phone call will work. 

Research shows that consistently communicating with your customers and leads, giving advice, sharing success stories, explaining how to solve common issues and keeping your customers informed of what you are doing really works. Their is also a fantastic bi-product from this activity as it develops increased credibility and trust in your organisation which in turn will generate more enquiries.

It’s a fact – out of sight is out of mind – you risk your prospects and customers forgetting if you no longer regularly pop up in different places on their radar.

Here are 5 ways to remind your customers to choose you as a preferred supplier.

  PR to create authoritative viewpoint articles positioning you as an expert in your field and news of how your technology is helping your customers become more sustainable and cut costs, which creates clever content for marketing use… 

  Having a solutions-based website that appeals to your prospects (rather than a catalogue site that talks about what you do). As well as quickly showing visitors how to solve their issues, with examples of satisfied customers, it works best if it’s regularly updated, easily found on Google (on any device) and stuffed with interesting content!

  Email marketing campaigns, sharing valuable information, appearing regularly in your customers’ in-boxes are one of the most cost effective and efficient ways of nurturing your prospects and keeping your customers thinking of you

  Connecting with all potential prospects and contacts on Linked In and Twitter allows you to put your news, your media coverage and announcements directly in front of your contacts and followers. If you’ve created smart profiles and showcase pages, this gets your news circulated and regular posting builds engagement.


To position you and your company as experts in your market it’s great to post your news and comments on your own website. This is blogging. By building on your PR successes, web pages which are optimised for Google helps get you known in your market and provides a special place on your website to receive visitors and web traffic, whether it’s from your email marketing campaigns or social media posting.

Here are some ideas that we use for our customers:

 Answers to common customer enquiries

•  Latest news

•  How customers benefitted from technology

•  Latest project photos and progress

•  Comment on Government policy

•  How to solve common issues

•  Advice and best practice

•  Comment on industry issues

•  Links to online media coverage and customer stories

•  Awards won

•  Exhibitions

But don’t forget creating a campaign around each blog to make sure it gets seen helps generate more enquiries and you increase your website traffic!

So if you want to:

•  Get back in touch with old customers

•  Share your success stories

•  Invite customers to visit your stand at your next exhibition

•  Drive customers to your website to sign up for a white paper or a blog

What’s your plan to generate more enquiries in 2016?

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